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Invisalign® Orthodontics (Invisible Teeth Aligners) – Canton, OH

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About Invisalign

Some of our patients never wore traditional braces as a child, however, today they seek to have teeth that are in better alignment. Another group of patients may in fact have worn braces in earlier years but still hope for straighter teeth. Through advanced dental technology at DentalWorks - Belden Plaza at Canton, OH, custom straightening trays, such as Invisalign, can correct the teeth. Invisalign straightening trays uses a series of custom-made aligner trays to gradually move the teeth straight. These almost invisible fit tightly on the teeth and are kept on for at least 22 hours a day. The aligners are typically only removed for teeth brushing, eating, and drinking certain liquids. Clear tooth aligners, such as Invisalign from our dentists at DentalWorks - Belden Plaza can effectively enhance the teeth and create a dazzling smile.

What to Expect

If it is decided that clear aligner trays using Invisalign is the recommended option for orthodontic needs, the first stage begins with specialized X-rays of the mouth so that the aligners can be made. Our dentists and the staff at DentalWorks - Belden Plaza work with each patient to understand how to take care of and wear their trays, and explain to the patient about how important it is to keep in the aligners in for the majority of the day. Straightening aligners are usually worn for approximately 10-14 days before the next set of aligners are then given. This is determined based on the progression of the teeth movement. At each check-up at DentalWorks - Belden Plaza, our dentists will give the patient an accurate measure of how many more weeks they will be required to wear Invisalign.

Treatment Aftercare

After the teeth are straightened with Invisalign, it is necessary that the patient use an Invisalign Vivera retainer device to maintain the results. The majority of individuals need to keep their retainer in place at night. To ensure the teeth remain straight, patients should proactively visit our dentists at DentalWorks - Belden Plaza a couple of times a year and proactively incorporate a diligent at-home oral regime.

Insurance Coverage

The fee to cover Invisalign will differ based on the complications pertaining to the orthodontic case, and the amount of sets of aligners that will be recommended. Insurance may cover some of the cost. This varies based on the patient's benefits. The staff at DentalWorks - Belden Plaza will confirm what the patient's coverage entails so that a realistic fee can be detailed by our dentists during the patient's initial appointment.

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Invisibly Aligned

For those who have a pleasant smile, but desire straighter teeth, clear aligner trays from DentalWorks - Belden Plaza in Canton, OH are a great alternative to meet your aesthetic goals. Invisible orthodontic aligner trays can be worn without hassle to give you the look you want. Our dentists will talk about your options with invisible braces today and decide if Invisalign at DentalWorks - Belden Plaza is right for you.

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